Dually Noted Music // Wes Walker

Dually Noted Music Interview Series: Wes Walker

written by Katelyn Facteau

Wes Walker is certainly a college scene phenomenon—students nationwide are singing“Jordan Belfort”, a song which has over12 million SoundCloud listens, 30,000 iTunes purchases, and nearly 2.3 million views on the Youtube music video. Wes’ collaboration with artist Dyl has exploded, with something that he himself calls a “cool underground frat factor”. But as Dually Noted Staff learned, there is so much more to Wes Walker than “Jordan Belfort”.



 While “Jordan Belfort” is catchy and featured at frat houses nationwide, Wes isn’t sure he wants to pigeonhole himself in the college music scene: “the college market is lucrative but I don’t want to be super commercial”. He has a few projects on the horizon that his manager (whom he shares with Trey Songz and Ty Dollar $ign) is working on, and has had a few auditions with MTV to be an on-air correspondent. He recently played at New York City’s CMJ Showcase, and will play at Minneapolis’ Zombie Pub Crawlthis weekend—alongside big names like Sum 41, Soulja Boy, Aaron Carter, Mickey Avalon, and Lil Dicky

Business Insider ~ #1 for College Spotify

College is a time when music taste peaks for many people — myself included. And college kids often have their collective pulse on what is musically fresh and innovative.

Now Spotify has tried to capture some of that magic using the brute force of machine learning, and put together a playlist of the top songs for college students.

Spotify data “alchemist” Glenn McDonald looked at the difference between what songs college students like versus the average population. He used the “student discount” on Spotify to determine who was a student — so admittedly the list might be imperfect.  

Here's what he found.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/spotify-top...

Pigeons & Planes ~ Sounds of Students

Music that is popular exclusively among college students is often corny and obnoxious, but students are frequently the first to predict upcoming trends, future stars, and world famous party anthems. Spotify did a little digging to figure out what college kids are listening to in 2015, but instead of just picking the most popular songs, they chose songs that are disproportionally popular among students, as compared to the rest of the Spotify user base. Looks like I’ve got some listening to do, because to be honest, I don’t know half this shit. *Shotguns Natty Ice, takes bong rip, orders pizza, presses play*
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Rapcine ~ JB Music Video

After gaining over 3 million hits on soundcloud it was only right that Wes Walker and Dyl drop a music video for their summer banger “Jordan Belfort”. The duo linked with College Weekly and did just that with movie quality production. The story starts out with Walker being on the run and what ensues will have you watching this video multiple times. - See more at: http://rapcine.com/wes-walker-feat-dyl-jordan-belfort-official-music-video/#sthash.iFs0jt1y.dpuf

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The Most Unreal Beats ~ Jordan Belfort

“I been getting dirty money Jordan Belfort, Stacking penny stocks while I’m flipping these birds”

Honestly if you haven’t heard this song you are probably living under a rock and therefore you need to listen to it. Wes Walker is kinda a legend in my book for this song. Jordan Belfort is a boss and this song describes how legendary he really was. This chorus is just too unreal. Enjoy.

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Audio Frost ~ Jordan Belfort

Temple University’s Wes Walker’s viral single, “Jordan Belfort.” Wes, originally from Wynnewood, PA, has been DJing and performing locally since his middle school years. Eventually, he graduated to making music of his own, with “Jordan Belfort” being his most successful track (for good reason).

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